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I got this pattern for a Moomintroll the other day because the picture was so cute and my goddaughter's birthday is coming up. The picture is still cute, and I got a Gromit and these Hello Kitties, also adorable and all three for £5.80 ($11), but having now made up the Moomin I have a grave sense of foreboding about starting on the others, which is sad. Whoever made the patterns clearly has a grand creative streak of which I am in awe. I'm a bit torn because I'm not sure I could improvise the others but I'm positive I could have improvised the Moomin if I'd had more time (Olivia's birthday is next week), and then I wouldn't have had to deal with the difficulties:

  • It didn't specify which kind of wool to use and recommended a hook that's too large for making something that's going to be stuffed - the stuffing will show through the spaces;
  • Two of the symbols used are not explained on that pattern's symbol sheet, though explanations do appear on the other two patterns I got, neither of which contains those symbols anywhere in the patterns themselves. If I'd only got the Moomin I'd have just had to guess. They may be standard for those stitches but I've never seen them before;
  • It refers to 'sc' whether it means US single crochet (UK: double) or not;
  • It doesn't say when to fasten off so I had a fun ten minutes undoing 7 rows I'd attached to the wrong place;
  • There are no instructions for sewing the bits together - I'm terrible at sewing and would have valued a bit of guidance about where the head should go (I know it sounds daft; it'd be easier to understand if you saw the pattern and knew exactly how little aptitude I have for sewing!);
  • It makes the most ridiculous assumptions whilst explaining simple things in great detail;
  • It said '1st row: 12sc' when what it meant was '1st-2nd rows: 6sc' (I think - if it meant anything else I'm stumped);
  • It's not written in standard form with abbreviations, which would be OK if the diagrams rendered instructions unnecessary. They don't.

    I accept that it is entirely possible that I am just dim and can't understand diagrams, of course. I'll go to town on Monday and get different wool, and now I've done it once I'll be prepared for the bits I didn't understand the first time round. I'd still advise people to get the patterns, if only for their sweet appearance. I'll email the seller, at least to recommend that symbol guides be made standard in patterns where those symbols appear.
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    Date:May 17th, 2008 04:26 pm (UTC)
    Have you contacted the seller about the problems in the pattern? Maybe she's new to writing patterns? I'd sure like to know if I was making mistakes like that.

    So sorry you've had problems with it. I know it's frustrating :(

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