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 Hi everyone.  New to this site.  Like to  crochet & knit ,  do beadwork, make jewelry, and garden ( Herbs & flowers - especially roses).  My passion is porcelain painting.  Also do oils, acrylics and am attempting to learn water color.  Plan to learn to tat one of these days, when I get 'a round tuit'.  Was born in Montana and have lived in many of the Western States + Illinois, Arkansas and now Mississippi.  Love animals and have 2 dogs named Pepper and Sweetie.  Am looking forward to making many friends on this site.  Everyone seems to be so friendly and hepful in the postings I have viewed.
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Date:May 29th, 2008 03:24 am (UTC)
:) Hi! Welcome! This site is kinda dead, from what I've seen. You might also want to join crochetcrochet. It's more lively than this one.
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