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Mom's Day Gifts May. 10th, 2008 @ 12:49 pm
I finally finished my mother's day presents for my mom and my would-be mother-in-law!  yea!

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Patterns for Men's Items? Apr. 28th, 2008 @ 12:26 am
Hi all, I'm brand new to the community and pretty new to hooking. I can always find patterns for things to crochet for me and my girlfriends, but it's harder to find things to make for the menfolk! I looked through Ravelry to see what was in Son of Stitch 'n Bitch and it seems like almost all of those patterns are for knitting, which is not what I'm interested in.

So, any advice on websites or books with good stuff? Preferably stuff I could make for my dad or boyfriend (who errs on the side of preppy I suppose - he wouldn't be interested in funky patterns or images of skulls and the like).


News from the home front. Apr. 26th, 2008 @ 10:34 am

I am almost finished with that afghan and I am one skein short of yarn.  I have used 14 more ounces of yarn than the pattern called for and I followed the pattern. This is a real issue.  I had to special order the yarn.  I ordered extra. It isn’t going to be enough.  I have only one more row on the boarder to go before I am finished.  If I had the yarn I needed, I would be finished by Wednesday.  Oh well.  I will order one more skein and finish it later.  I am very pleased with how this afghan is turning out.  It is lovely.  I enjoyed doing it. It has been a very satisfying project.


Next I am going to work on some fun things for ME. 


This has been a strange spring.  Actually, we haven’t had a spring at all.  The grass is green,   The flowers have bloomed.  The trees have tiny leaves.  It is cold.  I ran the heater last night.  I will run the heater today and tomorrow. It is the end of April and I HAVE TO RUN THE HEAT!!!!!  That just doesn’t happen in this part of the world.  I am sick to death of cold weather. 


Apr. 23rd, 2008 @ 03:38 pm
 I stayed up too late last night finishing the sweet pea dress.  This dress goes with the hat from my previous post for my niece, whose nick name is Sweet Pea.  The pattern--which I modified quite extensively--is on the front of this book.

You'll have to wait til July for pictures of her wearing it--that's when her birthday is.

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Hats for niece and nephew Apr. 17th, 2008 @ 08:05 pm
Hi all.  This is my first post.  I'm a self-taught hooker who can't stick to a pattern the way it was written to save my life!

My niece (who will be 3) and my nephew (who will be 4) both have birthdays in July, so I'm getting a headstart on making some gifts for them.  Both hats are improvised from the same pattern in this book (search inside for "fruit hat" to see the pattern).

of course, these are just the hats--i have several other pieces to make.  and then i'll post pix for sure after the kids' birthdays with them wearing the ensembles. 

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» Winter Projects?
Everyone must be crocheting while it's SO BITTERLY COLD and SNOWY...what's everyone working on these days?

I'm still working on the same afghan - I put it down for a while but I know I've gotta get my rear in gear and get it done so I can move on. I'm also working on a sock monkey for my aunt who has colon cancer...a "friend" she can take with her to/from chemotherapy.

Once the monkey is done, my other "big afghan distraction project" will be a couple of afghans for balior's cousins. They're expecting their third baby in the springtime, so I'll make an afghan for him. Since they have two other children, I'll make them a couple of quickie afghans too (not fair to them that the baby gets all the attention and they get nothing, IMO).
» Projects on the extreme back burners...
This one has been shelved for a while...it gets annoying after a while because it's all single-crochet front-loop-only style. Gonna take me FOREVER to finish it!

Close-up of the greens and blues.

I was gonna make this one for a coworker but she ticked me off so now I'm going to eventually finish it and put it away for someone else.

A close-up of the pattern.

Colored stripes and shimmery threads.

» What's everyone working on these days?
I'm crocheting an afghan for a friend of mine:

All that yarn you see there will eventually end up in the afghan.

An idea of how big the project is so far.

A closeup of the pattern.
» Hi.. My name is Adrienne.. I'm addicted to yarn..
I just moved and started unpacking when I realized I belong to a crafting for charity community.. And I haven't done anything yet!!  My large tupperware container is no longer useful. It overflows like the Mississippi in '93...  I have yarn I didn't even know I had!!! The bad part is that I know I haven't unpacked all of it yet..

My poor boyfriend couldn't even walk into the room...
Do you have these problems too??

Fast inventory

acrylic yarn - well who doesn't?
50% llama 50% wool blend - must finish that scarf..
cotton - yay dishcloths!!
wool - I'm warming up to it.
wool roving - I'm teaching myself to spin and it's going quite well
embroidery floss - too much of it
rug yarn and a halfway done rug
fabric - where did I get all of that?!?
Numerous crochet hooks, knitting needles, 2 latchhooks, some things that I'm not sure what they do, 2 copies of the same crochet book

I filled a whole bag with just the squares, hexagons, snowflakes, and other assorted shapes I found.

Is anyone in KCMO wanting to trade stuff??
» My latest creation
An old family friend is going to be a grandfather for the first time, so this is what I made for his soon-to-arrive granddaughter:

It's so 50s/80s, totally girlie...and I LOVE how it turned out! My mother thought the colors were a bit unusual for a baby, but the mother-to-be and her friends all LOVE it.

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