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The place to get hooked on!

Happy hooking!

A place for all of you who LOVE to crochet!
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Welcome to Happy Hookers - a place for all of you who LOVE to crochet. Here's a great place to share patterns, ask for help or advice, get ideas and meet others who share the love of this time-honored craft. This is a community for CRAFTERS, so please keep your conversations within the realm of crafts. No profane or pornographic content accepted here. Thanks to theweary for use of the crocheting icon.


Starting fights, belittling or insulting anyone, threats or harassment, etc. will result in your immediate removal from the community. This is a ZERO-TOLERANCE rule, NO EXCEPTIONS! Play nice with others.

The other community rules are pretty simple:
1. TASTEFUL posts of "exotic" patterns of a more adult nature are acceptable, provided that you present it in a way that is respectful and will not offend others in this community. Any post that does offend people will be deleted...repeat offenses will result in being banned from the community.

2. If you wish to post a copyrighted pattern here, you must include a short bibliography along with the pattern to avoid any potential infringement issues. If the pattern was created by someone else (even if it's your grandmother), please give credit where credit is due. Lengthy patterns should be behind an lj-cut (see LiveJournal FAQ if you need help with this).

3. When critiquing someone else's work, please use constructive criticism. For every negative thing you have to say, please say something nice. Criticism should not be condescending in nature. (GOOD example: "Your stitches look a little uneven, try not to make your stitches so tight. That's a great color combination you're using!" BAD example: "WHY did you pick THOSE colors, I wouldn't give that sweater to a blind man's dog! I guess the pattern is ok though.")

4. This is NOT a place to SELL any yarn, books, etc. that you cannot use or do not want. If you're looking to SELL items, there are a few LJ communities for selling stuff, as well as online auction sites (like eBay) too.

5. You may offer to DONATE or SWAP items; simply post an ad with full details. Any takers are FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED...if you miss out, feel free to post a want ad listing what you're looking for, maybe someone else has something that they're willing to donate or trade. Negotiating any shipping costs should be done privately, not here.

6. Posts with more than 3 images should be behind an lj-cut. Large images should also be behind an lj-cut. Offensive images will be removed, so please post adult-oriented project photos in a tasteful manner.

7. Content that does not have anything to do with crafts will be removed. This is not a community for posting SPAM, random rants about daily life, etc. (a rant about crafting or a craft-related joke is ok within reason)